Dec. 9, 2020

Holiday Book List

Have you listened to our episodes and thought, “I wish I knew more about that?” or “I wish someone I love knew more about that!” Well, we’re here to help. We’ve compiled a book list for you that can help you as you’re shopping for the history-lover in your life this holiday season. We’ve included books from each episode, as well as a few extras about more general topics (and some from our voice actors as well!).

book with a cord wrapped around it like a present
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Episode 1: Burroughing into Mexico

Episode 2: An Impressive Consul in Liverpool

Episode 3: Havana Hard Time as Consul

Episode 4: A Webb of Connections

Episode 5: Uncertain Waters in Zanzibar

Episode 6: (This one’s about Canton—still taking nominations for title…)

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