Your Most Obedient & Humble Servant

Your Most Obedient & Humble Servant is a podcast that showcases 18th and early 19th-century women’s letters that don’t always make it into the history books. Join historian Kathryn Gehred and her guests as they explore the lives of women and the world around them through their letters.

Recent Episodes

Episode 39 - Not One Single Subject To Entertain You With

May 23, 2023

Jemima Grey, Amabel Grey, and Mary Grey to Catherine Talbot, 15 November 1765. In which Jemima Grey and her two daughters, Bell who is 14 and Mouse who is 9, provide a very comical update about their life near Cambridge. Kat…

Episode 38 — A Rumor That You Abandoned Me

March 14, 2023

Jannote Roustant to Jean Roustant, 1 July 1745 AN…

Episode 37 — Wounded The Feelings Of A Lady

Feb. 7, 2023

Sarah Livingston Jay to Samuel Lyon, 14 Nov. 1794…

Episode 36 — I Should Be Glad To Leave The School

Jan. 3, 2023

Mary Secutor to Eleazar Wheelock, 28 July 1768 I…

Episode 35 - George Wiseacre Parke Custis

Nov. 10, 2022

Eleanor Parke Custis (Lewis) to Elizabeth Bordley…

Episode 34 - That Evil Genius

May 5, 2022

Ellen Wayles Randolph to Martha Jefferson Randolp…

Episode 33: Any Dandridge That Ever Wore An Head

April 19, 2022

The Testimony of Anne Moody Part the last of Mar…

Episode 32 - Think My Dear Mistress

April 5, 2022

Sarah Stewart to Dolley Madison, 5 July 1844 In …

Episode 31 - Vile Names and Ill Language

March 22, 2022

In which John Custis IV and Frances Parke make an…

Episode 30 - Elizabeth Sharaf-un-Nisa

March 8, 2022

Elizabeth Sharaf-un-Nisa to "Philo" In which a M…

Episode 29 - The Sinning Part

Feb. 22, 2022

John Churchill, the Duke of Marlborough to Sarah …

Episode 28 - The Quiet Tenor Of Our Lives

Feb. 1, 2022

Selina Powell to Rebecca Powell, 7 Jan. 1850 In …

About the Hosts

Jim AmbuskeProfile Photo

Jim Ambuske

Historian and Senior Producer

Jim Ambuske is a Historian and Senior Producer at R2 Studios. He is a historian of the American Revolution, Scotland, and the British Atlantic World. He received his Ph.D. in history from the University of Virginia in 2016 and he is the author and co-author of several publications on the American Revolution, transatlantic legal history, and King George III. At R2 Studios, Ambuske serves as the narrator, writer, and creator of the forthcoming series Worlds Turned Upside Down. He is also an executive producer of Your Most Obedient & Humble Servant, The Green Tunnel, and Antisemitism U.S.A. Before joining R2 Studios, Ambuske led the Center for Digital History at the Washington Library at George Washington’s Mount Vernon.

Jeanette PatrickProfile Photo

Jeanette Patrick

Head of Studio

Jeanette Patrick is the Head of R2 Studios. She is a public historian and has an M.A. in Public History from James Madison University. At R2 Studios, she oversees the development and production of all the studio’s podcasts including Your Most Obedient & Humble Servant, The Green Tunnel, Worlds Turned Upside Down, and Antisemitism U.S.A. Patrick previously worked in the museum industry where she played a pivotal role in creating digital public history projects. Prior to R2 Studios, Patrick worked for George Washington’s Mount Vernon, where she managed the history and preservation website content and built many digital exhibits. She also wrote scripts for audio and AR tours, live-action films, and animated videos. With Jim Ambuske, Patrick co-created and co-wrote the podcast Intertwined: The Enslaved Community at George Washington’s Mount Vernon.

Kathryn GehredProfile Photo

Kathryn Gehred


Kathryn Gehred has a master's degree in Women's History from Sarah Lawrence College and was part of a team of editors who completed The Papers of Martha Washington, a transcribed collection of all of Martha Washington's known correspondence published by UVA Press in 2022. She began releasing Your Most Obedient & Humble Servant in 2020 as a personal side project because she thought a podcast would be a great way to share some of her favorite 18th-century women's letters with the world.

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